Know you are in good hands.

We shipped a 40 ft. From Atlanta to Davao, Philippines. It was VERY smooth. Tom shopped around in Davao for a good customs agent when the first group seemed sketchy and found the best for us. They communicated everything and all we had to do Wes’s the loading. Incredible!

Tyler Clackum

Hands down! Had more than one overseas shipping experiences with Tom for me and my friends whom I recommended Tom to them. All of us were so happy and thankful for the great service we had, the care, the speed and the follow ups. Everything was nice and beautiful. I definitely recommend 1-800 Shipping (Tom) for any one who is looking for a peace of mind service. Thanks Tom!

Dr. Haitham Osta

We whipped our household goods from Seattle to Thailand without a hitch. The goods were beautifully packed and arrived without damage and were delivered inside our new home room by room. I highly recommend 1-800 Shipping for any international shipping.

Marc Wilaby

Tom Jacob is a very respectable agent. I moved from the US to Europe, and even though I encountered some unpleasant incidents in this moving process, Tom did everything in his power to try to solve the problems for me. His presence and integrity really made me feel much more reassured. I trust and respect Tom, and recommend him to everyone.

CT Liu

I recently made the move from the US to Spain. After speaking with several companies, 1-800 Shipping seemed to me the best combination of reliable and customer service oriented. There were other companies with similar, or even slightly better, pricing, but Tom was the only one who seemed generally invested in helping us get the best price and smoothest experience. The few bumps we encountered along the way Tom was eager to help with, and he explained in detail anything unfamiliar to me. As this was my first such move, that involved a lot of explaining. When the shipment arrived, everything was in order and undamaged. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Patrick Sorensen

We moved to another country and it was a chaotic time for us. Tom and I-800 Shipping were the best. From the beginning phone call to the final follow through we we were picking up our pallets at customs. They were professional and very helpful. I would highly recommend them. And one last thing – we shipped 3 pallets of Kitchen, Living room and bedrooms, Artwork, Pictures and China across the Atlantic………Not one item was damaged. Unbelievable!!

Robert MacDonald